Terms of use for Satakirjastot libraries

Satakirjastot is the shared database of the city and municipal libraries in Satakunta. The terms of use are the same in all the Satakirjastot libraries.

Users of the Satakirjastot libraries’ services undertake to comply with these terms of use and any changes thereto.

The right of local authorities to draw up these terms is based on Finland’s Public Libraries Act (1492/2016, Section 14). These terms of use are meant to provide order, security and comfort in the libraries.

The customer facilities, mobile libraries and online services provided by Satakirjastot libraries are available to customers free of charge. The opening hours of the Satakirjastot libraries and the schedules of the mobile libraries are available at the library locations and published on our website.

Customers may also have self-service access to the libraries outside normal opening hours. Library staff are not present during the self-service hours.

The right to borrow library materials

A library card is needed in order to borrow material. The library card is free and can be obtained at any Satakirjastot library. You can obtain a library card by presenting an ID card and providing your address in Finland along with other contact information. Individuals under the age of 15 need written consent from a person who can vouch for them, this can be either their guardian or another adult responsible for them.

The library is entitled to record personal identification codes in its customer register (Section 29 of the Personal Data Act 1050/2018). Any persons without a Finnish identification code can be granted a temporary library card.

Daycare centres, schools, and other institutions or organisations can be granted a temporary organisation library card. These cards require a designated adult responsible for the use of the card.

A PIN code is required for using the library’s online services and for borrowing material from automatic lending machines and self-service libraries. You can obtain the PIN code by presenting an ID card at the library.

User confidentiality

Confidentiality applies to the relationship between the library and the customer. Data on the customer and the person responsible for borrowing material are recorded in the customer register. The library is responsible for maintaining the register in accordance with the Finnish legislation on personal data.

The library is entitled to record personal identification codes in its customer register (Section 29 of the Personal Data Act 1050/2018).

Data collected in the registers will not be disclosed to third parties. The register description can be viewed at the libraries and on their websites.

Customers are entitled to check what information has been recorded about them in the library’s customer register. Persons responsible for users under the age of 15 are entitled to receive information on overdue loans and unpaid fines. Persons responsible for the library cards of institutions or organisations are entitled to check the information concerning their institutions or organisations.

The responsibilities of users

The library card is personal, which also applies to its self-service use. Card holders are responsible for any material borrowed using their card. Those vouching for younger users are responsible for any material borrowed by a person under the age of 15 and their use of other library services, equipment and facilities.

The library must be informed of any changes to names or contact information. The loss of a library card must be reported immediately to the library. In this case, the customer or the person responsible for borrowed material will not be held responsible for any material borrowed after the loss.

Loan periods vary depending on the item being borrowed. Loans expire on the due date at the closing time of the library and at the end of the day (midnight) in the web library. The due date is marked on the receipt provided when the material is borrowed.

The borrowed material can be returned to any Satakirjastot library during library hours, with the exception of special materials, such as exercise equipment; these must be returned to the library from which they were borrowed. A receipt indicating the return of the loan is available upon request.

The library is not liable for compensation if borrowed audio-visual material damages the customer’s equipment. The library is also not responsible for personal or other damage caused by the use of borrowed material.

When lending audio-visual materials, the libraries follow the age restrictions imposed by law (Section 6 of the Audio-visual Programmes Act 710/2011).

Loss of borrowing rights

The libraries charge fees in accordance with Appendix 2.

Borrowing rights may be suspended if loans are not returned, if fines remain unpaid, or if library fines exceed a maximum amount determined by the library. Borrowing rights can be regained by returning the material or compensating for it, and by paying the accrued fines.

Satakirjastot libraries enforce the payment of unpaid fines and fees. In this connection, the customer’s debt balance must be zero euros in order to avoid the suspension of borrowing rights.

Appropriate behaviour is required in the libraries (Act on Public Order 612/2003). The library staff may order customers causing a disturbance to leave the premises.

Customers can be banned from the library for a set period of time if, despite warnings, they disturb the work of the library, endanger security or damage library property.

A customer can be banned from a specific library for a maximum of 30 days. The ban is imposed by the official concerned and can be appealed in accordance with the Local Government Act. The customer is entitled to be heard prior to being banned from the library.

Information on loan periods, limits, renewals and reservations (Appendix 1) and library fees (Appendix 2) are provided in separate appendices.

The terms of use have been approved in all municipalities of the Satakirjastot organisation and came into force on October 1, 2019.

Loan periods

For loan periods, limits, renewals and reservations, see Appendix 1.


For fees, see Apprendix 2.