Customer’s guide

Library card

Library card of Satakirjastot with a buckthorn twig.

A library card is needed in order to borrow material. The card is obtained by presenting an ID document with a photograph and giving one’s address in Finland along with other contact information. Persons under 18 can present their Kela (Social Insurance Institution) card without a photograph, and young people under 15 need written consent from a person vouching for them, either their guardian or an adult person responsible for them.

You can apply for a library card via internet. You will be asked to authenticate yourself, e.g. with your bank account. After you have sent the form, you can get your library card the next day at any of the Satakirjastot libraries.

Library card application (in Finnish)

If you cannot use the internet or don't have a finnish bank account, you can print out the Form for new borrowers in advance and fill it in. That will speed up the processing of your new library card.

The library card is personal, which also applies to self-service use. Card holders are responsible for material borrowed with their cards. Those vouching for younger users are responsible for material borrowed by persons under 15 and their use of other library services, equipment and facilities. A library card reported as lost is invalidated.

Keep your personal information up to date

Tell your library as soon as possible if your address, email or phone number changes. You can also update them by yourself in the Profile section of Your account.

Name changes can be done only at the library. Remember to show a valid ID card.

PIN code

Customers require a PIN code for using the library’s web services and/or borrowing material at self- service libraries and lending stations. The PIN code is given by the library when registering as a user or later with proof of ID. The PIN code is not given by email or on the phone.

Borrowing and Renewing Loans

The loan expires on the due date at the closing time of the library and at the end of the day in the web library. The due date is marked on the receipt which is given when the material is borrowed.

Loans can be renewed eight (8) times. This can be done in the library, by telephone or on the web. A loan cannot be renewed if it has been reserved or if the customer has lost his/her right to borrow material.

Some of the libraries have a hatch for returning material. Borrowed material left the hatch is recorded as returned on the next day when the library is open. The material is left in the return hatch at the customer’s own risk.

Late fines and the costs of return reminders and billing are charged for loans returned or renewed after their due date.

Renewal is possible on the Checked Out Items page. You can also call your library. Phone numbers you can find at your library's page.

Loan Period and Maximum Loan number

The normal loan period is 28 days. For the following materials there is a 14 days loan period:

  • magazines
  • DVDs, videos
  • console games

Express loans expire after 14 days. They are not renewable nor can they be reserved.

E-books and e-audio books have a loan time of 7-21 days.

The maximum number of loans per customer is 150 items, consisting of no more than 50 CD discs and no more than 30 DVD discs, no more than 10 console games and no more than 10 Bly Ray items.

Reminders of Due Dates and Overdue Material

  • You can get an advance notification of the due date via email. It can be sent 1-5 days before the due date.
  • Overdue reminders are sent as email, SMS or letter. The second reminder is always sent as a letter.
  • You can decide, what kind of reminders you want to receive. Changes are at the moment possible only in the library.

Reserving material

The materials of the Satakirjastot libraries can be reserved at no cost. Most conveniently you can do reservations by yourself when researching on the online catalogue. Click the Place a hold on this title button at the items you would like to reserve. At the next step you have to select the library where you want to pick up the reservation. At your Profile you can set up a preferred pick up location which will get chosen automatically.

You can also place reservations at the library or by telephone.

The reserved material must be borrowed within 7 days of notification of its arrival. There is a 1 € charge for non-collected reservations.

It is possible to cancel a reservation, if it has not yet been dealt with and the material is not yet on it's way or ready for pickup.

Pickup Notification

  • You will get a notification, when the reserved item is available for pickup.
  • The notification can be sent as an email, SMS or letter.
  • In some libraries there is reservation self service. Items are ordered by your reservation number, which is printed on your notification.
  • You can change what kind of notification you will receive at your library.
  • Notifications sent by letter can take some time to arrive.


The fines you see at your account are not up to date. Fines of loans that are late are shown only when the loans are either renewed or returned to the library. If you have been blocked for having more than 10 € of unpaid fines you can pay them by online payment.

Acqisition Suggestion

Send a suggestion!

You can send us acqusition suggestions via the form above. Before you send a suggestion, check from the online catalogue that the item you whish is not in our cataloge yet. If you want to place a reservation, please leave your name and email address. A reservation can only be placed if the item is also aquired by the library.

Terms of Use

By starting to use your library card you agree to the Terms of use of the Satakirjastot libraries.

Check out the Terms of Use for Satakirjastot libraries.

Self Service Libraries Terms of Use

In addition to the general Terms of use there are specific terms of use for our self service libraries. When you become a user of Satakirjastot libraries, you agree also to adhere to the terms of use for self service libraries. You can opt out of the usage of self service libraries or limit their usage for your children.

Read the Self Service libraries Terms of Use (available only in Finnish).